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It’s Money Monday!!!

Today we’re discussing the best, smartest, fastest, most profitable way to enter the legal green space.

Ward A.V. asks: As someone completely new to the industry but very enthusiastic, what steps can you recommend I take to get going?

This is one of the most common questions I receive so… let’s get to the money, shall we?

First, allow me to reintroduce myself. I’m Charlo Greene, creator of the Cannabis Business Masterclass (registration for the winter session opens November 1 for those of you that missed out on the summer session). I’m one of the world’s most recognized cannabis educators and I focus on helping skilled employees find financial freedom as empowered entrepreneurs.

So, you wanna know the absolute best way to get into the green rush?

First and foremost, what you need to understand is regardless of whether you’re in the green space or beauty space or marketing, regardless of where you’re at, you will only be compensated for the value you are bringing to the market – not off of how excited you are about the green rush or how many certificates you got from college or oaksterdam… but actual value that you are actually delivering.

I say that to say this: when you’re thinking about the best way to enter this space, ask not what cannabis can do for you, but what you can do for cannabis. What you can do for this industry, for this community? What value can you add to the marketplace?

Because the more value you add, the more you will be compensated.

So, say you’ve been doing accounting for the last 15 years but always had the dream of starting your own cookie company. If you haven’t actually been building your cookie skills while you’ve been doing accounting for the last 15 years, I’m willing to bet my money gun that people/the market is going to pay you way more for your 15 years of accounting experience over your struggle cookies…

And we cover this a lot during the finding your perfect niche section of the Cannabis Business Masterclass but that’s a couple weeks’ of work I’m trying to squeeze into 5 minutes. So, consider this a little taste…

Now, how do you find that skill you already have that you can bring into the green space?

Start where you’re at and ask yourself these four questions:

  1. Based on the 10,000 hour rule – the one popularized by Mastery author Malcolm Gladwell that basically says it takes 10,000 focused hours to attain a level of mastery at any given task or job or role – based on the 10,000 hour rule: what task or job or role have you amassed the most hours mastering?
    For me, I’ve clocked well over 10,000 hours producing informational videos –  I parlayed the experience I had as a tv news journalist into weed, and out of everything else I’ve done in the green space, it’s my experience with video that has been paying off time and time again.In fact in a month I’m launching a marketing company that specializes video promos and facebook ads for green businesses, all based on that experience.So, what have you mastered or are closest to mastering?
  2. What are your greatest business strengths?
    And you have to be brutally honest with yourself about this one, or else you’re playing yourself and setting yourself up for failure.I suck at numbers because I’m a little dyslexic and that’s okay… because I know I’m a strong marketer and executor.  Because I keep it real with myself, I find and create opportunities that complement my existing skills in the industry. It would serve you well to do the same.
  3. Do you have any special degrees or certifications?
    Yes, it’s 2018 and we are talking weed here so no, “degrees” in the traditional sense don’t really matter. But if you’ve reeived acknowledgment for exemplary skills, that’s money.The green industry is so nascent, if you have anything special to bring to the table that provides real value, you have a huge opportunity to capitalize off it.
  4. And finally, what do you love doing for fun that creates something of value for others.
    The latter part, from a business perspective, matters so much more than the first part – what do you love doing for fun – that *listen up here* creates something of value for others (re: something people will pay you for).

These 4 questions are gonna require you to do some thinking, a lot of self analysis, and plan a practical approach to your entry into the industry but if you do the work, you’ll have a clear understanding of the absolute best way for you – specifically you – to get into the green space and dominate.

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Next week, we’re discussing marijuana marketing.

I’m hosting a free online cannabis business webinar on October 31 at 11am EST. Register HERE.

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