It’s coming down to the wire. After nearly 4 years since this all began, and 2.5 years on bail, I have to decide whether I want to take a plea deal or go to trial and fight. If you aren’t familiar with my legal case, its the first thing that comes up when you search my name, but to save you time, I’ll link to the Forbes story here.

It’s been such a long and bumpy road getting to this point, and to be honest, I’m tired. So, I asked my Facebook family what they would do.

Here are a few excerpts:

L.W. wrote:

I never believed in plea deals until I was facing 37.5 yrs and then it became a very real thing. I had no idea that certain evidence would not even be heard in a trial. I had no idea that the judicial system was so corrupt from the cops to the judge to our very own attorney that was bleeding us financially. I had no idea that a trial was going to cost upwards of $50K and who has that just laying around? I think it is easy for people to say “fight, fight, fight” but after being thru it, it is a very personal decision and you have to do what is right for you and only you because there will be no one there for you in the end anyway. Everyone is about their own beliefs and own causes and once you no longer fit their agenda, they disappear…… Good Luck!!

L.B. wrote:

Another way to look at it devolves to either fight or flight. Fight and go to trial or give up and enter a plea.

P.R. wrote:

Legislators have an incentive to flood the courtrooms because if they want to get elected, they need to appear “tough on crime.” When you face a jury trial, the judge – depending on whether he/she is more liberal or not, has more eyes on them. Depending on the case, it might be wise to take it to trial, the public might be on the side of the defendant, especially if the alleged crime is a malum in prohibitum offense. People are getting tired of this paternalistic, nanny state, soft despotism in which we are living under, from all political spheres. The plea bargain incentive creates a mechanical process of herding prisoners quickly through the court system and into the prison. In general, since most “crimes” have no victims in this country, I think people should take it to trial more often. Why make it easy on the same government that spends our tax dollars on their own sexual harassment lawsuits filed against them? They have no moral authority so I say fight.

What are your thoughts?

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