Today we’re talking intentional goal setting, and SMART goal getting.

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Want to get whatever you want? Follow these three steps.

Step 1: Set Your Intention
Step 2: Set Your SMART Goal – one that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timely.
Step 3: Be Realistic & Start Where You Stand.

The big thing about goal setting that no one tells you is that it’s so easy to set yourself up for failure before you even start, simply because you aren’t using the correct the language to describe your goals. So, before we get to framing our desires so that the universe receives them as commands as opposed to weak suggestions, we’re starting with WHY.

Step One: Set Your Intention.
A lot of the time we think we want the car, when its really the destination we’re after.
Never set the vehicle for your goal as the destination – which is what most people do. Take a moment to do the work and know your true intention behind your goals and use that to fuel you on your way to claiming them.

Step 2: Set a SMART Goal.

Once you set your intention, you need to frame your goal. But this won’t be just any goal. This will be a SMART goal. One that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic & Timely.

-Specific. It starts with being Specific. “I’d like to go on vacation” is a goal most people have, and it isn’t a bad one, but it’s vague, and that vagueness will be its downfall. Going on vacation is a great goal, but when do you want to go? Where would you go, and how long would you stay? How much money would you need? These are questions that would seem important regardless of your destination or timeframe. Changing that goal to “I want to vacation in the Bahamas this summer” takes the burden of where and when off the table and directs you towards the next batch of questions that need answering. In any case, any goal you make should have a set of identifiable boundaries set by the actuality of your desire.

-Measurable. A measurable goal is one you can determine the benefits of because you can see, or measure, the improvement it has on your life or lifestyle.

-Achievable. Now, I know that seems obvious, but this is the difference between setting goals and harboring fantasies. If you have a goal in mind, you need to ask yourself what’s necessary to accomplish it. But, you also need to be honest and realistic about what you’re willing and capable of in terms of skillset, resources, and time.

-Realistic. If you’re a school teacher who hasn’t fought a day in their life, being the next MMA champ is probably just a fantasy. But let me say there’s nothing wrong with having great big goals. Just know that if you’re reaching for the stars, you need to be comfortable putting on a space suit. Otherwise, your goals need to be more down to earth.

-Timely. And finally, any goal you set should be Timely. Goals that have small windows of success are ultimately failed, which cripples your morale and can leave you bitter. Goals that are vague tend to be left on an endless timetable which makes them seem unimportant and easy to abandon.

And Step 3: Be realistic and start where you currently stand. (In my book, this is actually Rule 1.)
You’ve got to be willing to see and accept where you truly stand to determine an appropriate course of action in any situation you want to change.

I use an analogy of a person in a car ready to drive to LA. She’s got a map, she’s got a plan, her car is gassed up and ready, the only thing is, she’s in the Philippines with an ocean to cross. Before you start trying to drive across an ocean to get to your goals, look up. See the street signs in Tagalog and rework your plans. Stop and be brutally honest in assessing where you stand before working toward that goal, because all the planning in the world isn’t gonna help you drive from the Phillippines to LA. It’s just not.
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Remember, there’s nothing wrong with having massive goals, but if you’re reaching for the stars, you need to be comfortable putting on a space suit.

Til next time, with & peace,