Hey guys, it’s Money Monday!

I’m sharing the three things I did to leverage my youtube series for a $348,000 contract in just 6 months.

I’ll also be talking about the approach I implemented using my blog as a tool to boost sales to more than $13,000 in a single day for one of my businesses.

This is just surface material, so if you want in on the free training that goes further in depth on how you can finally get paid for your content, head to blogtobankbootcamp.com and sign up for the free webinar.

Now to making your blog or vlog make money for you.

First, I chose a market that was underserved, that I knew I could add a ton of value to with my expertise. For me, I’m a cannabis activist, you might remember the Alaska news anchor that quit live in air, that was me.

So, I love creating content, I have a degree in broadcast news, and while there’s always another news story, documentary or Netflix series about weed, and there were a ton of news sites about cannabis, no one was offering a platform where people could watch industry updates regularly and in a polished digestible format, like what you’re used to in the news. Because of that, because I was creating something new that actually filled a space and provided value for a community, this community took notice and rewarded me by consuming my content and becoming my audience.

2. I posted on a schedule. This is super important because you want to become a habit.

You remember TGIFridays when you knew all your favorite shows were gonna come on and you’d plan to be there to watch it days in advance? I miss that and I’m not the only one. People like looking forward to things. People want an opportunity to anticipate your next content drop – a schedule gives them that. BUT it only works if you abide by it religiously.

Posting once or twice a week is common. I created my show with the intention of partnering with a larger platform and I wanted to do it quickly so, I posted 5 days a week, Monday – Friday at 4pm pst. AND the show was live. And after more than 100 episodes we never missed a day. And if we were even a minute late, we’d get so many messages from people just asking if everything was ok. People were expecting us. We were a habit. A daily habit where things felt off if we were absent. You want that.

The number of times you should post is hugely for debate, in fact most people say you shouldn’t post as frequently as I did, but I don’t how many of them built and sold their platforms for more than a quarter million dollars in half a year.

Let me know what you think. What’s the perfect number of posts you like seeing from your favorite YouTubers in the comments below.

3. Collaborations. I built in opportunities to collaborate with other influencers with my interview segment, integrate other news outlets and information platforms with my regular news segment and I offered brands a number of paid integration opportunities that also helped fund production until the show sold. And every time anyone or any of these entities made an appearance, they would share the show with their audience which increased the show’s virality. So 3 months in, the show was reaching around 200,000 live viewers a day. And going live was a decision that I made to make the show a more unique and engaged offering, which circles back to tip 1.

So: Choose a topic or market that’s being underserved that you know you can add value to. Post on a schedule. And collaborate.

Now, this was the long game that I played with my content knowing that I needed to build up a solid foundation before a larger platform would be willing to partner with me on this level…

BUT along the way it was important for me that my time and the the money I put into my equipment and production would be paid for by the show, all along the way, so I approached blogging as a business, crafted my offering, researched businesses interested in marketing and sold them sponsorships.

That’s what I’m going to teach you how to do in the free blog to bank training where I take you deeper into the process I used to create and sell my series.

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