It’s Money Monday and I’ve got 101 full time or side hustle roles you can create or fill in the cannabis space and be on your way to owning your finances and living the life of your dreams.

First, I want to thank so many of you for the overwhelming response to the last video I shared about the 6 biggest mistakes new cannabis entrepreneurs make. And today’s video is in response to the biggest question I’ve received from that video:

What are the ways I can make money in this industry if I’m not growing or selling green. This list of 101 ancillary cannabis industry jobs is your answer.

As one of the world’s most recognized cannabis educators who’s business is built around helping new entrepreneurs find financial freedom in the cannabis space by discovering, establishing and leveraging their unique positioning for profit – I created this list based on my years of experience in the industry and the hundreds of conversations I’ve had with the industry’s leading entrepreneurs and educators (check out The Weed Show to see that for yourself).

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I’m sharing this information for free because I know you’re tired of working yourself to the bone for someone else’s dream when you know you could put that effort towards your own dream and actually reap the benefits of your hard work.

I know you know that 2 weeks vacation a year to spend with the people you love is nowhere near what you and the people you love deserve either.

You know life is meant for living but you’re stuck in the matrix, dependent on someone else financing your life and you don’t know how to get out…. I was there too.

And I think the best way to begin building your financial independence is by start a side hustle – and what better space to do it than the legal – ancillary cannabis industry? It’s already worth billions of dollars and only 8 states have actually legalized, which means if you get in now, the demand for your service or business will only grow with the industry. Where else they doin that?

The biggest concern yall had was knowing where to get in to cash in. I say, people getting into this space always underestimate the value of their past professional and personal experience they can bring to this space. The legal cannabis industry is only 6 years old. So if you’ve been a physical therapist for 10 years and you’re willing to counsel people about incorporating cannabis in their therapy, why wouldn’t you pivot and come in as THE cannabis physical therapist and charge top dollar for your services because you’ll be one of the only people in your field with this specialty… same goes for chefs, marketing specialists, contractors, data analysts, Instagram thots – literally anything you can get paid for out of the space, you can pivot and come into cannabis getting paid what you’re worth (as long as you’re providing the value) and you get to be your own boss, you set your hours, you set your prices, you finally begin living a life you can love completely.

So, here’s the list. It’s not all inclusive – I just put my cannabis business coach cap on and drafted this in about 15 minutes. But it’s meant to give you an idea of how doable getting into this space and dominating is – because there are between 0 and 20 professionals doing each of these jobs – not thousands like you’re currently competing against, but less than 20 (excluding chef, doctor and thot).

You’ll see there are some jobs you can do even if you live in an area that hasn’t legalized yet (always check your local legislation). And I know another concern is funding your business idea, and I’ll get to funding, but with my cannabis business startup program, launching your cannabis career is an investment that’ll cost way less than you expect (sign up for the Green Rush Workshop):



1. Cannabis chef/culinary specialist
2. CBD chef/culinary specialist
3. Cannabis dietician
4. Cannabis substance abuse rehabilitation specialist
5. Cannabis animal health specialist
6. Cannabis physical therapist
7. Cannabis massage therapist
8. Cannabis software developers and programmers
9. Cannabis information security analyst
10. Cannabis market research analysts
11. Cannabis financial advisor
12. Cannabis researcher
13. Cannabis data scientist
14. Cannabis fitness instructor
15. Cannabis yogi
16. Cannabis meditation guide
17. Cannabis spirituality coach
18. Cannabis sex educator
19. Cannabis weight loss specialist
20. Cannabis and hemp diet specialist
21. Cannabis pregnancy consultant
22. Cannabis rehab clinic director
23. Cannabis therapist
24. Cannabis doctor
25. Cannabis nurse
26. Medical Cannabis parenting coach
27. CBD fitness instructor
28. CBD sex educator
29. CBD weight loss specialist
30. CBD health coach
31. Cannabis Instagram thot
32. Cannabis web series host
33. Cannabis web series producer
34. Cannabis ad sales specialist
35. Cannabis wholesale sales specialist
36. Cannabis Instagram Ads manager
37. Cannabis Facebook Ads manager
38. Cannabis click funnel specialist
39. Cannabis conversion specialist
40. Cannabis content/blog manager
41. Cannabis web designer
42. Cannabis packaging designer
43. Cannabis social media manager
44. Cannabis informational event coordinator
45. Cannabis event sponsorship sales specialist
46. Cannabis premium informational community manager
47. Cannabis business consultant
48. Cannabis loan or funding specialist
49. Cannabis bail bonds
50. Cannabis paralegal
51. Cannabis attorney
52. Cannabis travel specialist
53. Cannabis resort planner
54. Cannabis conference planner
55. Cannabis tour guide
56. Cannabis public relations specialist
57. Cannabis influencer agency owner
58. Cannabis influencer agent
59. Cannabis video production company
60. Cannabis photographer
61. Cannabis IT specialist
62. Cannabis SEO specialist
63. Cannabis security consultant
64. Cannabis security guard company
65. Cannabis armored transport for cash
66. Cannabis tax specialist
67. Cannabis realtor
68. Cannabis contractor
69. Cannabis pest control
70. Cannabis electrical technician
71. Cannabis HVAC technician
72. Cannabis cleaning company
73. Cannabis budtender trainer
74. Cannabis cultivator training
75. Cannabis agricultural scientist
76. Cannabis project manager
77. Cannabis business development manager
78. Cannabis creative manager
79. Cannabis communications manager
80. Cannabis HR specialist
81. Cannabis risk manager
82. Cannabis dispensary manager training
83. Cannabis compliance specialist
84. Cannabis lobbyist
85. Hemp lobbyist
86. CBD lobbyist
87. Cannabis freelance writer
88. Cannabis journalist
89. Cannabis wedding planner
90. Cannabis executive assistant
91. Cannabis machinery maintenance specialist
92. Cannabis detective/private investigator
93. Cannabis corporate recruiter
94. Cannabis secret shopper
95. Hemp farm owner
96. Hemp importer
97. Hemp processor
98. Hemp makeup line creator
99. Hemp hair product line creator
100. Hemp supplements creator
101. Hemp clothing creator

Now, below I’d like to know which of these roles do you think you can fill best?

I know something clicked somewhere in there, so I’ll be sharing my canna-business startup formula in my Green Rush Workshop.

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